Thursday, May 27, 2010

[MW:5275] Procedure Qualification In SMAW With E6013

Dear all,
I am working in UAE as a QA/QC Inspector and recently i have start to making WPS(ES).I have get a new job which is about a new procedure qualification with E 6013 ,i have done a trail test for this with 8" SCH 80 pipe,i can found the root is not bad chance to pass in RT.But i doubt about mechanical test. 
Please advice me accordingly


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Subject: [MW:5271] Process pipe work

Dear All,

I am a young guy having strong desire to learn something in welding.I
would like to clear some of my doubts through this forum.Please don't
curse me or ignore my query if you feel it foolish as I don't have
much experience like my seniors.

Dear all,

I am working in a small process pipe work based on ASME B31.3
code.Here which material code we have to review,ASTM series or ASME
BPV SEC II Part A (Ferrous) Part B (Non ferrous)?As far as I am
concerned both looks same !!! If any dispute comeup which one has the
upperhand(Has the capability to supercedes the other). More over I
couldn't find some of the materials in ASTM and BPV SEC II Part A or
B. But they are listed in ASME SEC IX  (Eg. API 5L grades).Is there
any restrictions to use these materials for process pipe work?

Thanks and regards


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