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[MW:3379] Re: Hydrotest flange thickness calculation

1. MATERIAL  : ASTM A515 GR.70  
ALLOWABLE STRESS(by B31.3) : 23100.00 Psi 1624.00 ㎏/㎠G
2. CORROSION ALLOWANCE (C) : 0.05 inch 1.30 mm
3. PIPE QUALITY FACTOR(carbon은 1) : 1.00   1.00  
4. DESIGN PRESSURE(Kg/cm2G) : .00 Psi 57.00 ㎏/㎠G
5. DESIGN TEMPERATURE( ℃) : .00 75.00
6. FLUID :    
1. The equation for wall thickness calculation based on ASME B31.3  
tm  =  dg√(3P/16SE) + C  
         tm  :  minimum required wall thickness in  mm.  
          dg :  inside diameter of gasket for raised or flat face flange or the gasket
                  pitch diameter for ring joint and fully retained gasketed flanged  
           E :  joint efficiency or pipe quality factor  
           P :  design pressure  
           S :  allowable stress  =  ㎏/㎠  
           c :  sum of allowance defined in para. 304.1.1
Using this formula the Thickness caluculates to 152.5 mm , Try for yourself if this could be helpful.

On Sun, Sep 27, 2009 at 5:36 PM, Chaitanya Purohit <> wrote:
Dear Friends,

Please help to reply to the below query....

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From: Mithun Murali <>
Date: 2009/9/27
Subject: Query regarding Hydrotest flanges

Hi Chaitanya,

Can you ask this query in the group as I am unable to do so.

Any calculation sheet or method available for Thickness calculation for Blind Flange for 64 " CS pipeline hydrotest.(test pr of 83 barg), 400# rating.

I had referred to one of the Client spec, which demands 170mm thick plates for the same.

Any reference of Agency or Consultant doing these kind of Calculations.


Thanks and regards,


Design Engineer - Piping

Dodsal Engineering & Construction Pte. Ltd.

Dubai, U.A.E.

Phone : +9714-3161279

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