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FW: [MW:4128] Preparation of WPS


Dear All,


The query posted by Gopu Nair, has generated some interesting discussions. If you analyze the scenario there are 2 issues, PQR was qualified  on EN10025 S355J2G3, steel , which  does not have any assigned P No or S-No, and  qualification code is Lloyds Register Rule for ship building (Not ASME Sec-IX) 


Over the years ASME has included quite a few non ASTM/ASME steels and assigned P Nos (Ref ASME Sec-IX-, page 108/109). As above steel is NOT included in ASME Sec-IX, it is considered as steel with unassigned P No.


As per QW-424, unassigned steel can be welded to unassigned steel, provided PQR is qualified as per ASME Sec-IX.  Under the present context  a s per the strict interpretation of ASME Sec-IX  this PQR (since it is qualified to LRS rules) could  not  be referred for an ASME WPS. If it is recorded in the PQR,  that testing was performed to LRS rules and ASME Sec-IX (cosmetic change) , it may be  very well referred for preparing WPS  to ASME Sec-IX  on  unassigned steel of  similar mechanical properties  to EN10025 S355J2G3.


It would be good to get others' viewpoints also.




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WPS  & PQR can be prepared as per ASME IX provided all essential variables for process GTAW & SMAW are meeting Section IX  article 3 requirements. Since this metal is not appearing in QW 422  so such unassigned metal shall be identified in WPS/ PQR by specification ,type , grade or by chemical & mechanical properties as per QW 424

Bharat B. Gole

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 2010 12:22:08 +0530
Subject: [MW:4117] Preparation of

Dear All


Recently I have qualified a WPS on 20mm thick plate of EN10025 S355J2G3 using GTAW for root pass and SMAW for subsequent passes in accordance with Lloyds Register Rule for ship building.  The test piece has undergone Transverse tensile test (2), Side bends (4) Impact test (3 Sets)  at centre of the weld, fusion line and HAZ at -20deg.C, Macro and Hardness (1). PT and RT were carried out the test samples prior to drawing the destructive test samples.  all the tests are passed with the required values. Record of welding for each run is prepared and maintained.


consumable used are ER70-S2 and E-7018-1

Plate material properties are: Yield 357 N/MM2, UTS 541 N/MM2, El;  30% IMPACT at -20deg C; 53min, 81 Av.

C;0.18, Si: 0.35 Mn ;1.4, P    ;0.015, S : 0.002 Ce; 0.428


PQR as per the Lloyds rules is under preparation.


My question is whether I can prepare a WPS and PQR in accordance with ASME Sec. IX using the above records.









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