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[MW:2120] RE: 2116] Re: preheat SA- 516 gr 70

Dear Saul

It is always good practice to preheat /preheat maint. CS ,LAS joint Generally recommended  i) 75C min for the joint 18 mm to 50 thk ii)  fOr 50 to 100mm thk –100 C min and above 100mm thk Joint It should be min 125C

(For CE  more than 4/4.5 , It is always recommended to preheat 125C irrespective of thk) All LAS should be preheated to min 100C


Improper preheating / absence of preheating of CS,LAS , causes higher weld/HAZ hardness (Hard strcture) resulting in cracks and distortion




Hegde P.B.

Head Welding Technology

ISGEC (India)



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Subject: [MW:2116] Re: preheat SA- 516 gr 70


Dear Saul,


             We are also tank fabricator but we never do preheating.It is not the requirement as per API 650 if you have proper WPS with supporting PQR.We have welded 35mm A 516 GR 70 in our last project without preheating without anyproblem.



  Nilesh Parsekar,

 Sr QC Co-ordinator

 (Dip Mech,API 510,API 570,AWS-CWI,NDT LEVEL2)

 Belleli Energy Spa


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Subject: [MW:2114] preheat SA- 516 gr 70
Date: Wednesday, May 6, 2009, 7:50 PM


Dear   all


We are   API 650 steel tanks with  steel ASTM  516 gr70 and our client requests that preheat to 70°C - 100°C is this correct? The API 650   code section 7-1 that says that  preheat at 10°C

thanks all




Cordial saludo

Kind regards

Saul Vasquez T.



Cra 8B Nº 190-81 

Tel. 57 (1) 6794382  Fax 57 (1) 6723793

CEL. 320-3469363  y  316-5388051

Bogota D.C.    Colombia.


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