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[MW:12605] RE: 12570] Welding consumable for 1B Grade casting

Mr.. Prabhu,
The best matching SMAW electrode for this material would be AWS E-2593. See the attached spec from Kobelco.
E-2594  as suggested by another member is a popular  electrode but as the Copper content is less it may not impart the required corrosion resistance to the castings. CD4MCuN castings are quite proven for corrosion resistance in acidic media.In the absence of E-2593 electrodes, E-2595 ( equivalent to Zeron -100) could be another option.
As like any duplex  S.S casting CD4MCuN  should be solution annealed for the best corrosion resistance.If the extent of weld repair is significant then it's advisable to solution anneal the weld or perform welding with a very strict control of heat input and interpass temperature control.
Pradip Goswami,P.Eng.IWE
Welding & Metallurgical Specialist & Consultant

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Sent: Wednesday, September 28, 2011 9:01 AM
Subject: [MW:12570] Welding consumable for 1B Grade casting

Dear experts


Can some body advice which welding consumable grade to be used for welding 1B grade castings (ASTM A-890-1B , CD4MCuN)


Thanks a lot for your inputs in advance.



Fredric Prabu

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