Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Welder Qualification : EN 287-1/EN ISO 9606-1

Just after a quick show of hands regarding the use of EN 287-1 and EN ISO 9606-1...?

I have been involved in many a conversation regarding harmonisation of both standards with the PED and the use of both in sectors other than those relating to 'pressure'.

Was wondering what everyone was being asked to qualify to by employers/end users and what sector you are involved in?

  • Andy Spence My humble opinion, work to what is written in the application standard at the time of qualifying the welder. The application standard is what is harmonised under the ped or cpr. If there is a legal requirement such as the ped and the OJ work to that. If in doubt qualify to both. Not an ideal situation but it is what we have to live with for a while. 
    There is nothing stopping anyone specifying a withdrawn standard in a contract and / or application standard.

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