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[MW:15335] RE: 15323] Alloy Material Hardness

Hi Ghrab,
B-31.1 does not make hardness testing as a mandatory requirement, as the process fluid is "steam", which is relatively non-corrosive.However over the years many  many CSEF(Creep Strength Enhanced Ferritic) steels have been adopted by the code, such as P-91 , P-92 etc. Following  performing welding and PWHT for grade steel  hardness testing should be done. Often this(hardness ) requirement is specified in project specifications. The advisable range is: Min 200 VHN, Max -270 VHN.
You may find the following articles as useful explaining why hardness testing is required for grade-91 welds.
Note :- Grade-91 is not like P-11,P22, unless proper  and detailed welding engineering is done upfront, you may have recurring problems.

Pradip Goswami,P.Eng.IWE

Welding & Metallurgical Specialist

Ontario, Canada.



  1. http://www.lincolnelectric.com/en-us/industries/Documents/P91_and_Beyond.pdf
  2. http://www.sperkoengineering.com/html/Grade%2091%20R%208-12.pdf
  3. http://files.aws.org/wj/2006/06/wj200606/wj0606-42.pdf

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Dear experts,

  We're going to construct a new power station; according ASME sect B31.1.

We have many alloy steels (Grades P11, P91, P22 material)  welded joints. Even when PWHT is performed, our client say that we don't have to perform hardness test.

Even NDE is the client scope, i'm searching for support from code to have exact infiormation, uis it mandatory ?

Need your help.


زكرياء غراب
GHRAB Zakaria
Site QA/QC Manager
SDEM Entreprises

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